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Feagle's specialized localization solutions are taken care of by professional native linguists, each one being an expert in their individual domain. Along with a team of elite project managers having in-depth knowledge required to work on various complex, sensitive and technical projects. All of this while ensuring timelines and budget always remain within your grasp.

We understand the individual requirement of each individual sector and likewise, work differently for every translation project aiming to deliver the needful on time and every time.

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pharma Translation Services Experts
medical Translation Services Experts
automotive Translation Services Experts
techanical Translation Services Experts
marketing Translation Services Experts
Marketing & advertisement
websites Translation Services Experts
legal Translation Services Experts
banking Translation Services Experts
Banking & finance
tourism Translation Services Experts
Hospitality & tourism
beautyTranslation Services Experts

Fashion & beauty

e-learningTranslation Services Experts
gaming Translation Services Experts
Market research
Translation Services Experts

Professional native linguists

We strictly work only with native professionals who are experienced in their respective domains.

Our linguists with domain expertise from over 100 countries enabling us to deliver quality translations in a wide number of languages.



For your full-service localization needs, we have the full power of a professional design studio at our disposal through our sister company, FEAGLE Marketing & Communication.

Need a brochure or manual designed & translated into 7 languages? No problem.

cost effective Translation Services Experts



While we don't promise to be the cheapest, but offer a cost-effective solution to the matter at hand delivering optimum quality while adhering to the industry standards. Quality with us comes at a reasonable price.

Translation Services Experts online

Glossary & TM management

Our technical team uses sophisticated CAT tools to maintain glossaries and TMs for projects upon client's request which helps maintain consistency and enables us to provide better discounts overtime.

Translation Services Experts near me

Versatility with formats

Our talented team, being well versed with IT, can work with all given file formats including PDF, HTML, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, XML, CAD, Microsoft files, etc., and deliver as needed.

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