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At FEAGLE Translations, we strongly believe in providing the best transcription to our clients. We have a pool of more than 2,000 native professional linguists working with us and to ensure the best quality.

We have a solution to all your multilingual transcription needs and our professional linguists specialize in doing multilingual transcriptions including Monolingual, Double Column, and Interpretive Transcription.


Our transcription services are cost-effective and we transcribe in all kind of formats requested by our clients.

From Business to Market Research, Academic to Media we support various industries by providing optimum transcription solutions at an affordable cost. Our transcription solutions are fast, easy, and scalable.

We provide three types of transcriptions which are:

Verbatim: Our expert linguist will catch and note down each and every spoken word which will also include fillers such as "uh", "umm", clearing the throat, and broken sentences directly as spoken by the speaker. This will also include laughter, pauses, and other sounds that are part of the speech. This kind of transcription is highly relevant to court cases, police investigation, and job interviews wherein the behavior of a person is equally important as what he's speaking

Clean (Astute) Verbatim: Our expert linguist will clean the transcription of fillers such as "uh", "umm", clearing of throat, laughter and etc. In addition to that, some grammar correction is also implemented by the linguist. The linguist also has the freedom to eliminate spoken words that they find irrelevant to the subject matter.

Experience in transcribing various

content types

eCommerce content
Group discussions
Legal proceedings
 Transcription Services near me

Professional native linguists

We strictly work only with native professionals who are experienced in their respective domains.

Our linguists with domain expertise from over 100 countries enabling us to deliver quality transcriptions in a wide number of languages.

Industries we cater

Hospitality & tourism
Marketing & advertisement
Information technology
Market research
Marketing & advertisement
Information technology

Banking & finance

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